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i love max irons. oh, and vampire academy.



Sarah Hyland at the Vampire Academy Premiere in Sydney, Australia on February 20th, 2014

Eh, I’m more of a science guy. I love science.

Hey, I love your tumblr, its awesome, but, what actress you would like as sydney?

Thank you! I would love Dianna Agron or Claire Holt :)

LOVE Your Blog :) <3

Oh, thanks sweetie <3

Nico Vega


The song from the trailer…. (?)

I like it ♥

Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series meme  - sydrian things/quotes (to be continued)

She sat up, cheeks flushed and golden hair tousled. She was so beautiful that it made my soul ache. I always wished desperately that I could paint her in these moments and immortalize the look in her eyes. There was a softness in them that I rarely saw at other times, a total and complete vulnerability in someone who was normally so guarded and analytical in the rest of her life. But although I was a decent painter, capturing her on canvas was beyond my skill.


You have no clue how beautiful you are or how brightly you shine. 

VA/Bloodlines Meme ❖ [2/9] Quotes: “Angels fall, Rose.”

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“Adrian, I’m on a date. Why are you here? On my car?” 

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